Minoritising a regional language in multilingual preschools in Dutch Limburg

In this article, Gino Morillo Morales and Leonie Cornips discuss how children with various language backgrounds interact in preschool playgrounds in Limburg, the Netherlands. The article addresses the question how power dynamics between Dutch and/or Limburgish, and other languages are enacted in, by, and through language choice in preschool settings, and to what extent this leads to social (in)equality.

Morales and Cornips conclude that the ways in which, when, how, and in which activities children and teachers select languages show a social order. This order renders Limburgish and other languages than Dutch unequal in the earliest educational setting that children encounter. No concrete language policy has been developed for children who speak other home languages than Dutch and/or Limburgish. Children discover quickly that using Dutch is more important than other languages in the preschool. Consequently, children, as individual agents, will start acting accordingly.

Read the whole article via this link: https://doi.org/10.1177/13670069221079335